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Wonderful Feedback

Today – 16th April –  at nursery we have had a very successful Easter parent play and stay session at nursery this morning and have received some very positive feedback from our parents written in our parent comment book.


”After looking at Vinny’s book I am extremely pleased with his progree.Vinny is very settled and gets very excited when we come through the doors. I am extremely happy that he is so settled and doing well. He has built up a fantastic relationship with staff to the point sometimes where he doesn’t want to come home.!!!” L. Bethell

”Come here to see progress of my son Alex and I’m very proud of him. I’m glad I could be part of play and stay session. We done some Easter cards and I enjoy very much !!” A.Mencel

”I am so happy and really pleased about the progress of my children and am really proud of them. From when they attend from at such a tiny age to now. They have truly developed both physically and verbally and it has really made my day to, Proud Mum. You guys are doing an amazing job. WELL DONE.” J.Darko. 

”Ava attends after school club and is picked up by Sarah on the walking bus.Ava settled very well after the move from her previous nursery she is happy and enjoys her ”play time” here.Ava has built a brilliant relationship with all staff and misses them on the days she isn’t here.” L.Bethell.

”Erin has enjoyed her time here and will miss it loads. She loves the staff to bits and is excited to come.She learnt a lot while here and her personally has really developed.”N.Shaw

”Chloe loves coming to nursery. She has made some great friends and loves all the staff. Since attending she has improved with her eating and she is now trying new foods thanks to the help and support of the staff.

Mackenzie has improved so much since attending nursery, his confidence, talking and development has come on so mush thanks to the support from the staff. He now enjoys coming to nursery.” K.Marsh

”Tegan loves coming to nursery and often tells me what she has done in her sessions. Is improving with her confidence and development everyday. Staff are very helpful and supportive and communication is brilliant. ”S.Fellows.